Dear participants in the GTA heart map challenge, friends, and those considering signing up for the challenge.

Given public health announcements about Covid 19, and the risk of being in large gatherings and public spaces, we understand that many participants will be reluctant to find and identify AED’s in public spaces.

Although it is complicated for us to suspend the GTA heart map challenge, we understand that participants may feel that there is a risk of being in public spaces. We have therefore temporarily suspended the GTA heart map challenge until further notice.

All AED’s uploaded thus far will continue to be registered and count towards the prizes. We will of course resume the challenge, and extend the end date, when we have further information from Toronto public health, and other public health agencies with regards to the safety of participants being in public spaces as part of the challenge.

We are most concerned with the safety and health of the participants, and any other members of the public who are at potential risk.

Thank you for your engagement and participation. We regret the difficulties this may pose for all participants, and will do our best to communicate details about resuming the challenge as soon as possible.

Peel Paramedic Association and a group of academics and volunteers are challenging the public to participate in a massive, monthlong challenge throughout the City of Toronto & Peel Region in the name of saving lives.

The GTA Heart Map Challenge will run from March 1st to March 31st, 2020. The initiative challenges participants to find as many automated external defibrillators (AEDs) as possible in the community. Teams and individuals that locate the greatest number of devices during the monthlong challenge will be eligible to win prizes – but the biggest prize is knowing that your work could help save a life.

  • WHAT: GTA Heart Map Challenge
  • WHEN: March 1st to March 31st 2020
  • WHERE: City of Toronto and Peel Region
  • WHO: Anyone can participate – individuals or teams
  • HOW: Click here to register. Then take these three easy steps.

    1. Download the Pulse Point AED app
    2. Find an AED in a publicly accessible place (office buildings, gyms, etc.)
    3. Capture the AED’s exact location and snap a pic
    4. Submit the AED’s location and pic via the PulsePoint app.
  • WHY: An AED is an easy-to-use device that can deliver a lifesaving shock to someone who is suffering sudden cardiac arrest. (SCA).  SCA is one of the leading causes of death in the Canada, and early defibrillation coupled with CPR is the best treatment to reverse cardiac arrest.

    Event organizers developed the GTA Heart Map Challenge as a way to raise public awareness about the devices and to collect data on the locations of AEDs throughout the GTA so that publicly accessible AEDs can be mapped out for quick reference during emergencies.

    In order to compete in the challenge, teams and individuals will be asked to find an AED, notate its exact location, and submit the location and a photo of the AED to an online database. The data will be verified and then added to an AED map that dispatchers can use to direct bystanders or emergency responders to the nearest AED is when someone collapses of sudden cardiac arrest.

    GTA Heart Map organizers are also hoping local businesses will participate by making sure their employees know where AEDs are located within their building and by sharing AED information with participants who come seeking.



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