1. To participate in the contest, individuals or teams must complete the free registration online at
2. The contest starts March 1st and runs through March 31st.
3. When you locate an AED, report your Name or Team Name along with a brief description of the AED, including the address, the AED location within the building, and a photograph of the AED from approx. 5 feet away.
4. AEDs inside hospitals are ineligible and do not count towards points.
5. Submissions will only be accepted for AEDs found within the city of Toronto and Peel Region. Boundaries are in the ‘About’ section.
6. To count towards prize award, must be the first individual/team to report location of AED. Additional uploads will be counted as half points.
7. The search should be limited to public locations such as (e.g., gyms, shopping malls, golf courses, etc.). Participants should ask permission to enter private property.
8. Please speak to the responsible persons onsite at properties (this may include security personnel, receptionists, managers etc.). Please present your ticket on entrance to a private property.
9. Paramedics may participate but are not eligible for prizes.
10. Winners will be listed on the GTA Heart Map Challenge website. There will also be an event in early April where the winning teams/participants will receive their prizes.
11. If you are on a team, the team captain must be 18+. If you are registering for the challenge as an individual participant, you must be 18+. You may join a team if you are under 18 but your captain must be 18+.
12. If you register as an individual and you subsequently join a team, you will be considered as a team member. If you join a team then you cannot join a different team, switch teams or start a team. If you start a team you cannot join another team
13. If you are part of the winning teams, every team member will be notified. However, only the team captain will receive the prize.


Good descriptions of the AED location is vital to the success of this initiative. Imagine you have only moments to find this AED in order to save the life of a loved one – how would you want the information entered into the pulsepoint AED app?

Every AED entry must at minimum have:
– A good quality picture of the AED, with the entire device in view, as well as any easily identifiable surroundings (store name)
– Move the location pin to as close as possible to the location of the AED
– Describe the AEDs location in text (ex. for an AED at Eaton Centre. “The AED is on the wall towards the south end of the mall (towards Queen St W) on the second floor, halfway between the apple store and lululemon).

How to Download the PulsePoint App:

1. Please ensure your location services are on.

2. Visit your application downloading platform (ie. Apple, Google).

3. Download the PulsePoint AED app.

4. Sign up using your email and begin registering AEDs!

5. Have fun!